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Vol. 14 || Issue 11

New episode tonight!!! Be excited.

Fandom News
- Web ensnares 'Lost' souls [St. Petersburg Times]
- Fans play TV series "Lost" like an interactive video game [The Seattle Times]
- Evasive 'Mr. Eko' revealed [USA Today]
- Get 'Lost' in a great show [The Buffalo News]

- "The 23rd Psalm" preview clips [AOL]
- Press Release for "Lost: Revelation" [Lost-Media

Download & Video
- Evangeline Lilly on TRL via txvoodoo
- Evangeline Lilly on Live with Regis and Kelly via txvoodoo
- Evangeline Lilly on Good Morning America via txvoodoo
- Dominic Monaghan on People's Choice Awards via txvoodoo
- Dominic Monaghan on Jimmy Kimmel Live via txvoodoo

Pictures & Photography
- Dominic Monaghan at the People's Choice Awards here & here via txvoodoo & sunkissed44
- TV Guide scans via trystan830
- Emilie de Ravin Photoshoot via always2nl
- Evangeline Lilly on TRL via swoonstar

It Icons
- 10 "House of the Rising Sun" icons by sboardman711
- 12 various icons (plus 3 gorgeous wallpapers) by sheld0n
- 14 I ♥ _____ icons by 8hrs
- 36 various icons by ihavedreamed_

Have something you'd like to submit for next issue? Great, send it to or comment here!
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