Courier Six (watchpoint) wrote in lost_news,
Courier Six

Vol. 14 || Issue 10

Fandom News
- The Journey of 'Lost' [Zap2It]

- "Fire + Water" press release via theizzy.
- New Spoilers [SpoilerFix]
- New Official Podcast [ABC]
- Lost Season 2 of Irish TV [Lost-Media]

Pictures & Photography
- Charlie and Locke via sawyerbaby.

It Fic
- Spin (Jack/Kate, PG-13) by leahthegreat
- Skin on Skin (Jack/Sawyer, MA) by uberaeryn

It Icons
- 19 cast icons by mesawoo
- 5 cast icons by awakencordy
- 30 Ian Somerhalder icons by pseudoaquatic
- 60 Jack icons by garishlight
- 15 various icons by watchpoint
- 12 season one icons by chopstickicons
- 14 Desmond icons by emesque

Theory & Discussion
- The Allegory of the Cave theory by slsgirl5

- Challenge 10: Triangles at cult_ships
- 1x06 House of the Rising Sun Challenge at lost_challenge

Fandom Funny
- Evangeline Lilly... before she was famous. [G4]

Have something you'd like to submit for next issue? Great, send it to or comment here!
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