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Vol. 14 || Issue 8

Fandom News
- Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthis Watros arrested for Driving Under the Influence [AOL] [More]
- Michelle Rodriguez has violated probation; jail time? [AOL]
- Damon Lindelof interview on writing [NYTimes]
- Shedding light on a 'Lost' villain; the hating of Ana-Lucia [SeatllePI]
- Lost cast in dark over future plots [Y!]

- 'What Katie Did' [EW] [MSNBC] [TVGuide] [DarkWorlds]

- HansoFoundation.org easter egg, and update [Lost-Media] [Lost-Media]

Download & Video
- Season two promo video via txvoodoo

Pictures & Photography
- New Dominic Monaghan photoshoot via dryope
- Ian Somerhalder photos from the Crush Night Club Opening via dryope
- Hi-res Tv Guide outtakes via patsie
- Daniel Dae Kim picture by sunkissed44

Fanart & Wallpaper
- 2 Dominic Monaghan wallpapers by timeblind

It Icons
- 48 'What Kate Did' icons by addictive_lost
- 32 various icons by blimey_icons
- 25 'What Kate Did' icons by islandblue
- 17 'What Katie Did' icons by hauntedd
- 15 'What Kate Did' icons by cannons_fan
- 15 'What Kate Did' icons by sunkissed44
- 15 various icons by sboardman711
- 14 'What Kate Did' icons by jenah
- 12' What Kate Did' icons by eternalglory

Theory & Speculation
- Sayid/Kate connection from 'What Kate Did' via wizzbiff

- Sawyer icon challenge at lost_icontest
- Eko icon challenge at lost_stillness

Have something you'd like to submit for next issue? Great, send it to lostnews@gmail.com or comment here!
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