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Vol. 14 || Issue 7

Fandom News
- Shedding light on a 'Lost' villain; Michelle Rodriguez, spoilers [Seattlepi]

- Matthew Fox on MadTV on 8th Dec [Lost-Media]

Download & Video
- Extra on the set of Whisper, interview with Josh [Lost-Media]
- Hi-Res UK promo video via hithluin

Pictures & Photography
- Dom/Evi paparazzi photos [Sparklies.org]
- Dom/Evi thanksgiving photographs [1, 2] via patsie & dryope
- New official cast picture viadryope
- Lost scans from TV Guide by rogerpittman

It Icons
- 17 'Collision' icons by hauntedd
- 13 Dom & Evi icons by watchasifall
- 9 'Collision' icons by whatdemydid
- 8 Josh Holloway icons by allhertears

Fanart & Wallpapers
- Lost and Foxy headers by ennelya
- Josh Holloway wallpaper by tropicalpara18

Theory & Speculation
- Updated spoiler list [SpoilerFix]

Have something you'd like to submit for next issue? Great, send it to lostnews@gmail.com or comment here!
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