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Vol. 14 || Issue 5

Fandom News
- Dominic Monaghan interview in empire [Empire]

- Evangeline Lilly to appear on ellen tonight! [NetMusicCountdown]
- Dharma fan-made video [GreenShines]
- oceanicairworld.com fansite update via [Lost-Forum]

- 'The other 48 days' [darkWorlds]

Video & Downloads
- 2x08 promo [USA, Canadian] via txvoodoo
- Deleted scene from 'The other 48 days' via txvoodoo
- Lost featurettes on Entertainment Today, Access Hollywood, E! news [Lost-media]

Pictures & Photography
- 2x09 promo pictures [Lost-Media]
- Dominic Monaghan photoshoot outtakes via dryope
- Maggie Grace photos from Escada's clothes launch via lh2005
- Maggie Grace photos from the Coach store opening
- Ian Somerhadler photos (hi-res) from God Sees Dog rehearsal via dryope
- Dominic Monaghan mini-interview scan from TV Guide via msilverstar
- Old Matthew Fox magazine scans via chesires_meow

It Icons
- 26 'The other 48 days' lol!icons vy mysticxf
- 28 Emilie de Raven icons by cuemypulse

Theory & Discussion
- Theory: Polar reversal theory [theNumbers]
- Analysis: Charlie/claire by sassywitch
- Spoiler: 2x09 promo picture reveals feature of episode flashback via michigancherry
- Discussion: Do the others pose a threat? [theFuselage]
- Discussion: Was Ethan an Other? [theFuselage]
- Info: Timeline error [theFuselage]
- Discussion: Ana-Lucia's bad judgement [theFuselage]
- Theory: Glass eye belongs to Dharma guy [theFuselage]
- Info: Filming errors [theNumbers]

Have something you'd like to submit for next issue? Great, send it to lostnews@gmail.com or comment here!
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