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Vol. 14 || Issue 4

Fandom News
- Who's next? Michelle Rodriguez interview [USAToday]
- Lost in frustration (with lack of answers) [SunTimes]
- Damon Lindelof on Lost's Ana-Lucia [Comingsoon.net]
- She loves to act tough; lost's future love 'quadrangle' [NYDailyNews]
- Lost and lovable Hurley [Newsday]

Download & Video
- Second official Lost podcast discusses Abandoned [ABC]
- Yunjin Kim in the diary of june trailer [Naver.com

Pictures & Photography
- 207 promo pictures [AOL]
- Daniel Dae Kim photo [AOL]
- Yunjin Kim caps from the diary of june by dryope
- Ian Somerhalder photocall for God Sees Dog via snellios

It Icons
- 31 Evi in Instyle icons by myrasis
- 21 Abandoned icons by everlyn
- 20 Maggie Grace icons by dekolette
- 26 various icons by sassy_kath

Theory & Speculation
- Spoilers: Ask Asiellio via jrwells
- Discussion: about the_french_lady's spoiler riddle post. Is ____ guilty? by astromix
- Discussion: what were the abandoned whispers? [theNumbers]

Have something you'd like to submit for next issue? Great, send it to lostnews@gmail.com or comment here!
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