!i (snellios) wrote in lost_news,

Vol. 14 || Issue 3

No news today, peculiarly

- 'Abandoned' recap [TWoP]

Download & Video
- 2.07 promo video (canadian) via txvoodoo
- Maggie Grace moodtheme by always2nl

Pictures & Photography
- More Dom pictures from the people's choice awards via patsie
- 'Abandoned' HDTV caps [Maegnas]

Fanart & Wallpaper
- Lost cast wallpaper by padabee
- Maggie Grace wallpaper by love_n_lost

It Icons
- 63 icons by padabee
- 25 'Abandoned' icons by dekolette

Theory & Speculation
- Discussion: Is _____ to blame for shooting?; character perception on Lost via snellios
- Analysis: disappearance by sabonasi
- Discussion: Who shot? by elnerdoricardo
- Discussion: Did she fire? by sier
- Discussion: Another island or directing error? [TheNumbers]
- Discussion: All theories/equations on mathematical manipulation of the numbers are irrelevant [TheNumbers]

- Lost christmas fic challenge at lost_hohoho

Have something you'd like to submit for next issue? Great, send it to lostnews@gmail.com or comment here!
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