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Vol. 14 || Issue 2

O_O! I've raided three forums, I'll do the others tomorrow.

I like how people condemn _____ for self-defence, but forgive Charlie for the cold-blooded murder of Ethan.

Fandom News
- Showing no signs of losing it (death spoilers) [CalendarLive]

- Abandoned review & speculation [EW]
- Abandoned review [DarkWorlds]
- Abandoned: Death of a survivor [PMR]

- An official lost website information update by theizzy

Downloads & Video
- 2x07 promo video via txvoodoo
- Listen to what Walt said from Abandoned backwards [theFuselage]
- Video of Dom featured on E! news via txvoodoo

Pictures & Photography
- New promo pictures for the next two episodes via dryope
- Dominic Monaghan at People's Choice awards [1, 2, 3, 4]. Thanks, lh2005, swoonstar and txvoodoo!
- Maggie Grace phtoocall from August via dryope

It Fic
- Three new character ficlets by eponine119

It icons
- 82 Abandoned textless icons by pinkperal885
- 25 Abandoned icons by hauntedd

Theory & Speculation
- Speculation: death by others? by lunatic_pages
- Theory: TVGuide backs up previous theory via emiliglia
- Speculation: Lostaway really dead? [theFuselage]
- Theory about Libby's disappearance by prncssaurora. More: [theFuselage]
- Info: Who was Goodwin? [theFuseage]
- Speulcation: Filming error or clue catch? [thefuselage]
- Speculation: About next episode by ghareebahpec
- Spoilers: Updated list [Spoilerfix]
- Spoilers: New Watch With Kristin [E!]
- Speculation: Defense of Shannon [TWoP]
- Thoughts: Open letter to lost writers by naodrith
- Speculation: Tailaways have their own 'Numbers'? [theFuselage]

- Fic prompt challenge [JCD1013]

Have something you'd like to submit for next issue? Great, send it to lostnews@gmail.com or comment here!
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