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Vol. 13 || Issue 10

GREAT issue today!

Fandom News
- Dominic interview: more characters to go [ChannelnewsAsia]
- Dominic Monaghan wants to settle in Hawaii [Fashion-Monitor.com]
- New novelisation scheduled for release [Amazon]
- Book/merchandise release; Lost takes product tie-in to new level [CBC]
- Ian Somerhalder to star in an off-broadway play [PlayBill]
- Looking for Lost; standing by the show through it's alleged decline [TheStranger]
- Shows sense a midseason revival [DailyFreePress]
- Lost in Lost; positivity about cliffhanging mysteries and show format [Unlvrebelyell]
- Sweeps lose clout [BuffaloNews]

- Dominic Monaghan interview transcribed from Now by theshapeshifter
- Latest Lost insider email via lunatic_pages
- New fansite (not owned by ABC) [megalottojackpot.com]
- Vote for Daniel Dae Kim as sexiest male [AOL]

Pictures & Photography
- Ana Lucia pictures from her flashback in episode eight [lightfantastic.org]
- More Dom/Evi pictures [JustJared]
- Entertainment Weekly outtake via patsie
- Maggie Grace photographed at KROQ rado via sunkissed44
- Cast interview scans from the official Lost magazine via swoonstar
- Dominic article, scanned from TV Guide by lj user=irradiated
- More of Josh Holloway's modelling pictures [1, 2] via indilime

It Icons
- 78, mostly Dom, icons by fozzie_loves_me
- 30 Maggie Grace icons
- 15 various icons by sarah351

Fanart & Wallpaper
- 10 cast wallpapers by nazgul_queen
- Dominic Monaghan wallpaper by fozzie_loves_me
- Matthew Fox, Jack/Kate and Yunjin Kim wallpapers by fallen_for_lost

Have something you'd like to submit for next issue? Great, send it to lostnews@gmail.com or comment here!
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